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Coasteering in Galway


Clamber and climb along Galway's rocky shore – fall and jump into the sea! Exhilarating!

Coasteering activities are organised taking into consideration the skill level, experience and age of participants.  It is great for improving stamina, orientation and fitness. 

We provide you with wetsuits, helmets and buoyancy aids, for traversing the rocky shore.  Bring shorts and old runners, and soon you’ll be climbing as high as possible to jump into the water, or letting yourself get swished around in the swell.  It’s great, active fun with many challenges!

Coasteering is also a great activity for team building, as participants must communicate and trust each other to complete a task.  We organise special events for companies who wish to engender trust and co-operation among their employees. 

For more information on planning an event for your team, please contact us today.