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Connemara Heritage Talks

Connemara Heritage Talks

Explore Connemara, people ‘of the Sea’, the seascapes, boats such as hookers and currachs, music, and traditions. 

An Spidéal is the gateway town to the Galway Gaeltacht known as Connemara, where Irish is the native language of the local people.  Many of the old Celtic traditions and beliefs remain part of the deep-rooted Connemara culture.  Examples of this include:

  • Storytelling called 'seanachas.' 
  • A style of singing called 'sean nós'.
  • Fertilising the land using seaweed.
  • Cutting turf to heat homes for the winter, and to trade for animal feed.
  • Inshore fishing for shellfish, mackerel, and pollock.
  • Connemara fishermen use a traditional boat called the 'Connemara Hooker'. Many of these remarkable and beautiful sailing boats are over 100 years old!
  • And not least of course the Irish language which is spoken by young and old in the South Connemara Gaeltacht. Irish is a rich Celtic language, and many famous story writers were from An Spidéal.

We organise scheduled talks by local experts on interesting aspects of the culture and history of the Connemara Gaeltacht.  These include topics such as fishing, boat building, the sea and weather, and Irish proverbs and traditions.  We also encourage you to come along to listen to some traditional music, singing (sean-nós), and Irish dancing.  

Combining a heritage session with marine foraging will give you a great understanding of the essence of Connemara.

Special events can be arranged for groups with over 10 people. 

Contact us for further details on upcoming talks.