Who We Are

Our Mission

Albert Einstein once famously said “I never teach my pupils, I only provide the conditions in which they can learn.”

OK, we’re not claiming to be Einstein but we definitely agree with what he said!  Time feels different when outside, learning through doing something gives so much more feedback to the participant.

Motivation is increased, interaction is more open ended and meaningful.

Not only are the watersports learnt, interpersonal skills are developed and any language learning is relaxed and natural.

Extraordinary Experiences

Cape Clear Island / Oileán Chléire is a spectacularly beautiful island with wide ocean views, sea cliffs, old pathways across the hills, lichen covered drystone walls with a small but welcoming population.

Spending a week immersed in the lived experience of island flora, fauna, heritage and language is something that you’ll never forget.

The people you share it with will become friends that you will always know.

Accommodation is on the shore of Inbhear / South Harbour and our commercial standard kitchen is available for use!

Our Core Values

Owner / Manager Paula Ní Ríogáin holds instructorships in
sea-kayaking (ICU), snorkelling (CFT), sailing (RYA) & mountain leadership (MI), VHF Radio licence & Passenger boat P5 licence (DoT and is Remote Emergency Care Level 4 certified. 
She is Designated Liaison Person for Child Protection matters within Lasmuigh and DPO for matters regarding Data Protection.

Paula also holds an MA in E-Learning – Instructional Design & Development (UL)
Diploma in Project Management (IPM)