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Snorkelling in Galway


Explore the fascinating underwater shoreline of Connemara.

See the ‘real’ Ireland - underwater anemones, crabs, and seaweeds.  With our guidance, fish up close in crystal clear water.

Three quarters of Irish territory is actually underwater.  It’s probably time you got into the water to have a look at the stunning variety of life and features in the ‘silent world’!

The waters around An Spidéal are very clear, and are a great location for freedivers.  Snorkelling is an easy way for anyone to share this wonderful experience.  Discover the hidden underwater world and see rock fish, starfish, crabs, and other sea creatures in their natural habitat. 

Snorkellers use a mask to keep air around the eyeball which allows the human eye to focus properly and see clearly through the water.  Full wetsuits are provided, along with neoprene hoods to make your snorkel swim comfortable and allow you spend longer in the water.  

We advise on the best locations, and we supervise all events.  

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You can expect to see an amazing variety of sea life, seaweeds like kelp and sea lettuce; fish like pipefish, shoals of sprat; the sharklike dogfish, and crustaceans like spider crabs along with fabulously tentacled jellyfish.