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Stand Up Paddle Boarding Galway

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

Balance and move with Atlantic waves as they reach the Galway shoreline. Brilliant fun once you’ve learnt to stand upright and flex those legs. Shore trips or surfing the waves, take your pick.

Children and adults love stand-up paddle boarding (SUP for short). This is a great ‘full body’ workout, as you rotate your torso to power the paddle and move the board.  On calm waters, you can take a trip on a paddle board along the South Connemara coastline.  This is a sublime experience.  

There are lovely small waves rolling onto the sandy beach, where you can practice surfing with the board and paddle. That’s when you’ll get the hang of guiding the board and edging it into the waves.   It is so easy, and good balance is the main skill needed.  When you have mastered it, you feel like you are walking on water!

We provide the boards, paddles, and wetsuits if needed. We also advise on where to go and, of course, safety considerations.

For further information, and to organise group sessions, please contact us.